Nice To Meet You

Hey guys, today's an exciting day. We're finally sharing an idea that has been developing for a while -- one that's resulted from a whole lot of serendipity. We thought we'd break it down for you, in story form. 

Michelle Wei and Heather Day | Studio Table

A few months ago, Heather had this idea to open the doors of her San Francisco studio. With hopes of branching out and sharing her space with a larger community, she wanted to invite others to take part in a conversation. 

Speaking of conversation, that's how our badass chef, Ben Roche, got involved. He overheard Heather discussing her early visions at Stable Cafe (some would call that eavesdropping!) and felt compelled enough to interrupt the conversation and offer to collaborate.

Thanks to her expert Googling skills, Heather learned that Ben was a real life chef. She consulted with her neighbor, Michelle Wei, decided to move forward with the concept. The three of them, each from vastly different backgrounds, all saw potential in this as a passion project -- to open doors and make life a little more vibrant for others in San Francisco. 

We hope the serendipity that brought us together will inspire you to join us for dinner Because bringing people together around the dinner table is what this project is all about. 

-Michelle, Ben and Heather 

Nice To Meet You | Studio Table
Nice To Meet You | Studio Table

Huge thanks to our kind friends that helped make this project happen.

Sara and Rich Combs : Web design
Jen Kay : Photography
Josh Haftel : Photography
Gentry Underwood : For business suggestions and for randomly showing up at cafe's on the same days we happen to be working!

Heather Day