A fine dining concept by Heather Day

A Fine Dining
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Imagine walking into an artist’s working studio and sitting down to a fine dining experience with a group of diverse and interesting people. Surrounded by paintings and artist’s materials, you relax as you enjoy a remarkable meal prepared by a world-class chef. Conversation flows freely, and the tinkling of silverware and laughter melds into the background. This is what San Francisco-based trio - Heather Day, Ben Roche, and Michelle Wei - call Studio Table.


Gather in a New Way

A dining concept that unites creativity in many forms, Studio Table brings strangers together for one-of-a-kind meals, each centered on a different, thought-provoking theme. Held once a month in artist Heather Day’s live-work studio space, fourteen guests are personally invited to come together for a five-course dinner prepared by renowned chef, Ben Roche. Each Studio Table evening serves as a way to challenge the norms and expectations of social gatherings, while simultaneously opening doors to San Francisco - connecting people to others they might not have met otherwise.

At Every Seat,
A New Perspective


Dinners are generously sponsored and paid for by supporting companies. The backbone of the concept provides for a carefree dining experience, allowing people to organically share ideas, meet new friends, and enjoy a beautiful meal in a creative space without worrying about who’s getting the check. Those interested in attending a dinner can introduce themselves below.


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